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We'll recharge their "batteries" while you're at work Monday through Friday and they can empty out their "tanks" so you don't need to worry! Let's face it, some pups just don't need or want a long walking excursion, but they do need that essential potty break during the day to relieve themselves. This is a real FAVORITE of our less active (though distinguished) and senior dog clientèle!  FOR NEW PUPPIES, due to their developing bladders and need to develop good habits, accelerate housebreaking by allowing your new baby to practice proper potty training skills outside early and often (puppies need a potty break every four hours)!!
$30.00/ visit


Most popular and private 30-minute walk, the Strut 'N Stroll, is tailored just for your pooch! We typically walk (pace is tailored to your dog's age, energy level and preference) around the comfort of your own neighborhood where your 4-legged loved one can simply bask in the delight of knowing that the next 30-minutes is ALL about them! For a real treat, "Super-size" this walk by adding an extra 15-minutes of walk time for just $10.00!
$30.00/ walk + $10.00/ extra 15 minutes

             Prices above are for 1 dog only.  Additional fees apply for multiple dogs and special needs services.

              Please have 2 copies of your key made

              Payments must be made in advance.
  Additional holiday rates and cancellation fees apply.
  Gift Certificates are available for friends and family who want time off!




Truly customized to fit your pet's needs, We offer this exclusive pet sitting service to make your pet(s) feel totally comfortable, relaxed, and happy while you go away on vacation!  We will visit your home each day to provide TLC and exercise for your companions in your absence. We will follow your prescribed feeding regimen as well as administer any medications, including subcutaneous injections, that are required. Cats, Dogs, Birds, Fish and most other pets are welcome in our In Home Pet Care program. It has been found that this "stay at home" approach creates a much less stressful environment for your pets. They remain at home, where they are most comfortable, and generally there is less disruption to their daily schedule and ultimately, less stress and anxiety. We make every effort to ensure your home appears to be lived-in by taking in the mail/ newspaper, adjusting the lights, watering plants and cleaning up after your pets.  Need anything else? Just ask!
$30.00 per visit

              Pet Sitting prices listed above are for 1 pet only.  Additional fees may apply for multiple dogs, other small pets and special needs services.



Chauffeur services to bring your pets to their appointments for grooming, boarding, training, and/or veterinarian well care.

Price determined by Time + Distance




Need pet food or cat litter?  We will pick up what you need and deliver it to your home.
$20.00 + cost of products
$10.00 if service is in conjunction with a walk or sitting visit



Water plants, take in mail/newspapers, take out trash, and perform basic home security checklist. These services are included as part of any in-home pet visit fees.
$25.00/ visit



This service is only required for customers who do not wish to provide their keys during the initial getting acquainted meeting or pickup the keys upon their return home. To avoid this fee, keys can be sent by postal mail, delivered by pet owner, and/or the pet owner can become "Permanent Key Customer" where keys are stored in a locked safe at No Place Like Home’s Office.
$15.00 per occurrence

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call us any time or fill
out the online contact form to schedule a “get acquainted” meeting so that we can obtain detailed information regarding your pet’s health, fitness level and current routine. This information will help determine the type of service that best fits your pet’s needs.

****Please have 2 Copies of your key made prior to our meeting (for your pets well being we keep one in our locked safe in case of an accidental lock-out.)  Thank you!

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